97 Squadron – Commanding Officers, Bourn to Coningsby

Group Captain Noel H Fresson 

Fresson was CO when 97 Squadron moved to Bourn from Woodhall Spa in March 1943.
He was posted to RAF Snaith on 15th December 1943.

Photograph by kind permission of his son, Anthony Fresson, and with thanks to David Layne.
S/L Dunnicliffe
Acting Commanding Officer 15th December 1943 – 7th January 1944.
Dunnicliffe was CO on the disastrous night of Black Thursday.
Image from Dunnicliffe’s crew photograph, F/L Hind album.
Wing Commander E J Carter
Carter assumed command of the Squadron on 7th January 1944. He would command the Squadron until his death on D-Day, 6 June 1944.
Photograph courtesy of James Steward, Carter’s nephew.

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