About The Website: Sources, Permissions, and Searches

Sourcing the website: This website would not have developed so far without the continued help, support and encouragement of people who still care strongly about the wartime RAF. The sites rely on you for further pictures and information on the Pathfinders, and on 97 Squadron’s aircrew and ground crew. Anything however small is of interest. Please use the form on the CONTACT page to send the initial email.

Permissions: If you wish to use any of the images or information on this site, please be courteous and contact us to ask for permission. This would never be refused except in the most exceptional circumstances; 9 times out of 10 all we ask for is an acknowledgement.

How to Find Names: There are multiple references to particular crews or crew members on the site, and the best way to follow one name is to use the search box on the header menu; this will give you all the references, both to pages and to posts.

All crews will eventually be listed, but as the website transfer will take a long time, if you have any interest in a particular crew and cannot find them, or there does not appear to be much upon their page, please contact us and we may be able to help.

Jennie Mack Gray, 2017


LOVE, FELLOWSHIP, AND LOSS: RAF Bomber Command Aircrew, Their Families, and Their Friends