Black Thursday – 97 Squadron Aircrew Flying: Full List

This is the full list of 97 Squadron aircrew flying on 16/17 December 1943. Five crews were involved in serious crashes, in which most or all of the crew were killed (28 fatalities altogether). Other crews were shot down at a later date, and that date can be seen in the Loss Date column. (If viewing this page in column view, please click on the TITLE or PHOTOGRAPH to see the full width of the spreadsheet.) 

There was an abnormally high death rate for this particular group of crews – 94 men out of 151 died either on Black Thursday or in subsequent months, thus close to 2 out of 3 of the men in the Briefing Room on 16 December would not make it through the war.

Trade Surname Name Rank Airforce Home Dets Fate Loss Date
Capt Billing James Pymar, “Jimmy” P/O Scottish
F/E Hope Thomas William, “Tommy” Sgt KIA 12/06/1944
Nav Moriarty James Edward, “Mort” P/O RCAF Canadian
A/B Osler Erwin (or Earl E?) P/O RCAF Canadian
W/Op Campbell James Monroe,”Jock” Sgt Scottish
M/G Curtis Robert Douglas, “Doug” W/O RCAF Canadian
R/G Findlay James Bruce, “Bud” F/S RCAF Canadian
Capt Brill David James F/L KIA 16/12/1943
2nd Pilot Handley Rowland Ernest, “Tommy” F/L KIA 16/12/1943
F/E Stone John Sgt KIA 16/12/1943
Nav McIntyre Norman Gregor, “Norm” P/O RAAF Australian KIA 16/12/1943
A/B Butler Robert P/O KIA 16/12/1943
W/Op Chappell Harry Sgt KIA 16/12/1943
M/G Little Gordon James P/O RCAF Canadian KIA 16/12/1943
R/G Battle Ernest John F/S RAAF Australian KIA 16/12/1943
Capt Cawdery EF S/L
2nd Pilot Clarke Ernest Sumner F/L KIA 30/01/1944
F/E Pearsons J A Sgt
Nav Swale Ken Sgt KIA 15/01/1945
A/B Peden C F/O RCAF Canadian
W/Op Tindall AJ Sgt
M/G McGregor James Harvey Sgt KIA 31/05/1944
R/G Hanson EH F/S RAAF Australian
Capt Coates William Darby Sgt KIA 25/03/1944
F/E Nicholas Bertram Horace Sgt KIA 25/03/1944
Nav Nuttall Stanley Sgt KIA 25/03/1944
A/B Baldwin John Moody P/O RCAF Canadian KIA 25/03/1944
W/Op Chapman William Sgt KIA 25/03/1944
M/G York William Lambert Sgt KIA 25/03/1944
R/G Thompson Frank Sgt KIA 25/03/1944
Capt de Wesselow Peter F/L
F/E Bamlett William, “Bill” F/S
Nav Ingalls RB S/L RCAF Canadian
A/B Cooper Gordon F/O
W/Op White Fred F/S
M/G Muckart Grant W/O KIA 21/04/1944
R/G Saynor James P/O
Capt Deverill Ernest Alfred S/L KIA – C 17/12/1943
F/E Russell Alexander F/S KIA – C 17/12/1943
Nav Brown John Thomas P/O KIA – C 17/12/1943
A/B Farr Francis Roy F/S KIA – C 17/12/1943
W/Op Crossgrove Ralph F/S RNZAF Nzealander KIA – C 17/12/1943
M/G Benbow James W/O S INJ 17/12/1943
R/G Penfold Donald Jamieson W/O KIA – C 17/12/1943
Capt Flack Victor Samuel P/O KIA 06/01/1944
2nd Pilot Emerson Rodrick Stanley F/L KIA – C 21/02/1944
F/E Hare John Alfred Sgt KIA 06/01/1944
Nav Rand Kenneth Peter F/O KIA 06/01/1944
A/B Boston RG F/O PoW 06/01/1944
W/Op Ferguson Robert Sgt KIA 06/01/1944
M/G Dunnett Harry Norman F/S RCAF Canadian KIA 06/01/1944
R/G Wood Geoffrey Walter F/Sgt KIA 21/02/1944
Capt Kirkwood James P/O KIA – C 17/12/1943
F/E Hubbard Edward George, “Ted” F/S KIA – C 17/12/1943
Nav Stewart Robert Charles, “Bob” Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
A/B Wigley George Alexander F/O KIA – C 17/12/1943
W/Op Cleeve Ronald George, possibly known as “Reg” Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
M/G Madeley Leonard, “Len” Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
R/G Killen John Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
Capt Mackenzie Donald Forbes S/L KIA – C 17/12/1943
F/E Pratt John Towler P/O KIA – C 17/12/1943
Nav Marshall Robert, “Bob” F/S S INJ 17/12/1943
A/B Colson William Alfred F/O KIA – C 17/12/1943
W/Op Hunter Anthony Ivor Gwynne, “Tony” F/S KIA 10/04/1944
M/G Lang William Robert, “Ron” F/S INJ 17/12/1943
R/G Kirby Keith F/S S INJ 17/12/1943
Capt Mansbridge Donald William F/L KIA 20/04/1944
F/E Palmer Albert Stanley F/S KIA 20/04/1944
Nav Cruwys Gerald Herbert, “Gerry” F/O KIA 20/04/1944
A/B White William Courtney F/S KIA 20/04/1944
W/Op Hanson John Richard W/O KIA 20/04/1944
M/G Hambling Ernest F/S KIA 20/04/1944
R/G Walder Percival Ashford F/S
Capt Mooney Robert Leo F/O KIA 02/01/1944
F/E Grey Felix Bernard Sgt KIA 02/01/1944
Nav Johnson George Albert Sgt KIA 02/01/1944
A/B Worsdale Jack F/S KIA 02/01/1944
W/Op Cameron Norman Davidson Sgt KIA 02/01/1944
M/G Woolf Godfrey F/S RAAF Australian KIA 02/01/1944
R/G Smith George Edward F/S KIA 02/01/1944
Capt Nicholls J H. “Johnny” F/O RAAF Australian PoW 31/03/1944
F/E Smith S A, “Sid” Sgt PoW 31/03/1944
Nav Easson R, “Ron” F/O PoW 31/03/1944
A/B Jolley Kenroy Alfred, “Bombdoors” F/S RAAF Australian KIA 31/03/1944
W/Op Gardner Jack Sgt PoW 31/03/1944
M/G Ogilvie W D. “Oggy” Sgt PoW 31/03/1944
R/G Whitehead Alfred, “Alf” Sgt KIA 31/03/1944
Capt Owen Charles Blundell F/L
F/E Lacey D E, “Dizzy” Sgt
Nav Shires William, “Bill” F/O
A/B Leak Thomas, “Nigel” Sgt
W/Op Knowles D, Duggie Sgt
M/G Forrest K, “Ken” or “Woody” Sgt
R/G Thomas F B, “Tom” Sgt
Capt Pelletier J W, “Geoff” F/L RAAF Australian
2nd Pilot Henson Leslie FO
F/E Dunning Guy Ernest F/S KIA 06/06/1944
Nav Conley Ronald John F/O RAAF Australian KIA 06/06/1944
A/B Lowick PM F/L
W/Op Burnell Aubrey William Alexander F/S KIA 21/07/1944
M/G Watson Frank Raymond F/S KIA 06/06/1944
R/G Polson G F/O
Capt Riches Wilfrid Cyril F/L KIA 06/07/1944
F/E Winter G Sgt
Nav Watts Henry Wager Dixon P/O KIA 06/07/1944
A/B Pack EH F/S
W/Op Wrigley J F/S
M/G Lowe Robert William Sgt KIA 06/07/1944
R/G Booth LW F/O
Capt Roberts Frank James F/L KIA 21/01/1944
F/E Arter S R P/O KIA
Nav Dudley Ronald F/S KIA 21/01/1944
A/B Young George F/S KIA 21/01/1944
W/Op Blower H J F/S KIA
M/G Marsh Peter Andrew Sgt RAAF Australian KIA 21/01/1944
R/G Parsley William Alfred, “Bill” FS RCAF Canadian KIA 21/01/1944
Capt Scott Ian Macdonald F/S RAAF Australian KIA – C 17/12/1943
F/E Collishaw Charles William Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
Nav Peek Samuel Joseph Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
A/B Irvine Douglas Raymond Sgt RCAF Canadian KIA – C 17/12/1943
W/Op Parrott Sidney George Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
M/G Foxcroft Kenneth Edgar Sgt RAAF Australian KIA – C 17/12/1943
R/G Hope Clifford Lionel Sgt RCAF Canadian KIA – C 17/12/1943
Capt Smith “Smithy” P/O
F/E Durn Maurice Sgt KIA – C 23/06/1944
Nav Arthurson John, “Joe” P/O
A/B Wilson JA F/S RAAF Australian
W/Op Townend Gordon Sgt
M/G Stewart Harold, “Harry” Sgt KIA 25/04/1944
R/G Bradshaw Cliff Sgt
Capt Snell CR P/O RCAF Canadian
F/E Harman Leslie Thomas Sgt KIA 06/07/1944
Nav Lintott L P/O
A/B Smith NJ P/O RCAF Canadian
W/Op Grieve J Sgt
M/G Green CJ Sgt
R/G Wood OD Sgt
Capt Thackway Edward, “Ted” F/O KIA – C 17/12/1943
F/E Grundy George Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
Nav Powell Jack Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
A/B Grant Leslie Kenneth Alexander, “Sandy” P/O RCAF Canadian KIA – C 17/12/1943
W/Op Mack Peter Hughes, “Joe” Sgt S INJ 17/12/1943
M/G Lawrence Robert Anthony, “Tony” Sgt KIA – C 17/12/1943
R/G Laver Leslie Norman John, “Les” Sgt KIA 14/01/1944
Capt Wilson Charles Thomas F/L KIA 29/01/1944
F/E Smith Terence Walter Sgt KIA 29/01/1944
Nav Borthwick George Wilson Syme F/O KIA 29/01/1944
A/B Watling George Alfred F/O KIA 29/01/1944
W/Op Jones Lawrence George Sgt KIA 29/01/1944
M/G Harper Geffrey Kelvin Sgt KIA 29/01/1944
R/G Pleydell Horace John Sgt KIA 29/01/1944