Crew Moroney


22 March 1944, ditched in sea, all the crew were drowned.

Pilot: F/O William Patrick Moroney
Flight Engineer: Sgt Frederick Thomas Coulter
Navigator: F/O Martin Jenkins
Bomb Aimer: F/Sgt Geoffrey Stuart Davies
W/Op: Sgt David Dushman
M/U Gunner: F/Sgt John Bell
Rear Gunner: Sgt Cecil Albert Mills


From the ORB

22.3.44        Some training was carried out in the morning and 14 Lancasters were detailed for operations tonight.  Frankfurt was the target and the attack opened on time at 21.45.   A fair concentration was achieved, timing was good, and marking was well maintained.  Large fires were seen around aiming point and fires quickly extended with smoke rising to 10,000′ and fires were visible 200 miles away.  There was slight H/F, searchlights numerous but ineffective.  Enemy fighter activity below normal.  P/O Cooper and crew failed to return, no news having since been received.  F/O Moroney and crew also failed to return, the last message heard was at 20.38 hours, position given as 53.21N 03.45E baling out.

JB731F  F/O W.P.Moroney, Sgt F.W.Colter, F/O M.Jenkins, F/Sgt G.S.Davies, Sgt D.Duchmann, F/Sgt J.Bell, Sgt A.C.Mills.  Up 1845.  6 x 2000lb.  At 2038 hours an SOS received, no fix.  At 2039 hours message received from “Pulham”, position 53.21N 03.45S – baling out.  No further news – missing.

Extract from Bomber Command Losses – 22/23.3.44
Lancaster III  JB731  OF – F.  Op Frankfurt.  T/O 1845  Bourn.  Presumed crashed in the North Sea.  The body of F/S Davies was washed on to the island of Juist, where he lay until his body taken, after the war, to the German mainland and buried in Sage War Cemetery.  The rest are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.  F/O Jenkins had attended St Andrews University, graduating with a BSc degree.
P/O W.P.Moroney(+), Sgt F.T.Coulter(+), F/O M.Jenkins(+), F/S G.S.Davies(+), Sgt D.Dushman(+), F/S J.Bell RCAF(+), Sgt C.A.Mills(+)

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William Patrick Maloney, Frederick Thomas Coulter, Martin Jenkins, Geoffrey Stuart Davies, David Dushman, John Bell, Cecil Albert Mills

Battle of Berlin November 1943-March 1944
Battle of Berlin, March 44

LOVE, FELLOWSHIP, AND LOSS: RAF Bomber Command Aircrew, Their Families, and Their Friends