Material Added to the Archive in 2019

We have received a lot of fascinating information this year, amongst which is the featured image on this page of 109 Squadron’s A Flight in October 1944. It was sent by Susan Child, the daughter of Squadron Leader Richard Arthur Locatelli, DFC & Bar.

A Flight - 109 Squadron, October 1944, locatelli

It is planned that in 2020 there will be a rolling acknowledgement page, constantly updated, listing all the material we have received, including that which has yet to find a home on the website due to acute time constraints.

The material we have received in 2019 is mainly digital but we have also received a number of very kind donations of physical artefacts. The most significant of these is an archive related to Dudley Archer, 35 and 582 Squadrons, which strictly speaking came to us in December 2018. It was rescued after many, many years in a damp garage, by Sue Crowle and Stephen Dixon. The condition that some of the material was in can be seen by the photograph of Archer on the left below. On the right is a beautifully cleaned-up version (for credit, see below).

Photographic correction and enhancement by Rana Dias at Gravity Global (with many thanks to Sean Feast who arranged this).

Dudley Archer was a star navigator, first at 35 Squadron and then at 582 Squadron, and amongst his things were many navigation charts, some for key raids such as Peenemunde. We are most grateful indeed to have this collection.

Amongst many notable digital collections are the large archives of material of which we have so far given only a small hint on the following posts or pages:

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We are most grateful to everyone who has sent anything this year, from the smallest to the largest collections, and if we have not acknowledged you specifically here it is only because of the time factor. Next year should see the rolling acknowledgement page which will make clear how indebted we are to those who continue to send us this priceless material.

With kindest wishes for 2020


Jennie, Kris, John and Barry – The Trustees