This is not a clear-cut subject as so many crews lost one or two of their members, either when they were acting as “spare bods” or after the nucleus of the crew had completed their tour but some members remained operational.

This is therefore a list in which some casualties will be found, but the majority of the crews in question survived. Crews which were shot down are not on this page even if all or the majority survived. Very few of such crews were evaders, and most endured the rest of the war in PoW camps.


Alabaster – Crew: Alabaster & Eaton-Clarke

Benton – Crew: Benton

Billing – Crew: Billing

Chatten – Crew: Chatten

Comans – to come

Henson – to come

Jones (Doug) – to come

Owen – Crew: Owen

Pelletier – Crew: Pelletier

Snell – Crew: Snell

Treacy – Crew: Treacy