The Deverill Collection at RAF Wyton

These photographs of the Deverill Collection at the Heritage Centre, RAF Wyton, were recently taken (October 2019) by John Clifford, one of our Trustees and Senior Curator of the Pathfinder Collection. The cabinet is devoted to Black Thursday, 16/17 December 1943. The box of aircraft pieces in the cabinet is from Deverill’s fatal crash, and there are similar boxes for the other four 97 Squadron aircraft which crashed that night.

Deverill RH smaller

Also to be seen in the cabinet are Robert Butler’s prayer book Tales from the Archive – 3. 16-17 December 2017, which was picked up by a German soldier after Robert was killed over Berlin on 16 December, and Robert’s Goldfish Club card.

In addition to the Deverill Collection items, there are items (on loan from the families) connected with Charles OwenBilly Colson of the Mackenzie crew, and the Thackway crew.