Two Canadians & a Mosquito of 109 Squadron

The beautiful image on this page is of the grave of Ray Hutchings Logan, a Mosquito navigator, who lost his life on 28 May 1943 when the Mosquito he was flying in was hit by a German nightfighter and exploded in mid-air. The pilot, Chrysler, survived by coming down by parachute.

The target had been Essen, and the Mosquito was on its way back home when it exploded over the Dutch village of Bleskensgraaf. The Germans took their prisoner, Chrysler, and the body of Ray Logan to Rotterdam, where Ray Logan is buried in Crooswijk Cemetery.

The children are those of Arjan Wemmers, who also took the photograph. It was taken on 28 May, the day on which Ray Logan lost his life. This is also the birthday of Arjan, who grew up in Bleskensgraaf and was deeply involved in the excavations of the remains of the aircraft and the creation of the local memorial. The photograph of Ray Logan, below, can be seen in front of the grave, with the flowers. To read more about the crew, the excavations and the memorial, see Arjan’s website Een Havilland Mosquito Stort Neer …

Ray Hutchings Logan, sepia