First Anniversary of the PFF, 1943

15 August will be the 76th anniversary of the creation of the Path Finder Force in 1942. In 1943, the year after the Force was formed, slightly belatedly Bennett sent a Special Order of the Day to his squadrons, saying that much had been achieved but more needed to be done. The text was copied into the squadrons’ ORBs.

Entered into 97 Squadron’s Operations Record Book on 22 August 1943:

Special Order of the Day by Air Commodore D.C.T.Bennett CBE, DSO, Commanding Path Finder Force

“To all ranks of the PFF.  On the 15th August 1942, five squadrons, each representing a group in Bomber Command, assembled on allotted aerodromes to form the PFF.  In one year the PFF has played a large part in showing the enemy how effective bombing can be as a direct means of breaking his morale and thereby winning the war.  It is conceivable that he can crack up tomorrow.  On the other hand his Gestapo rule may make it possible for him to continue indefinitely.  Bombing is our most rapid and effective method of preventing his continued struggle but only if it is effective.  The PFF have done much but they must do more.  The quality of our bombing is in your hands.  Keep at it and good luck to you all.”

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