Crew: Marks

dougllas marks 2


LANCASTER ED862 OF-P – 30 July 1943, crew lost without trace, commemorated on  Runnymede Memorial.





Pilot: F/S Douglas James Marks (26 years old)
Flight Engineer: Sgt Douglas Charles Fentiman (22 years old)
Navigator: George Noel Hammond (22 years old)
Bomb Aimer: John Alexander Dunbar (27 years old)
W/OP: Daniel McDonald (31 years old)
Mid-Upper Gunner: John Cumming (30 years old)
Rear gunner: Peter Henry Unwin (19 years old)

Below: Douglas Fentiman, the Flight Engineer


With thanks to Margaret Barrell (Marks’ daughter), Karen Price (Marks’ niece) and Barry Fentiman (Douglas Fentiman’s nephew)