Crew: Munro

Jimmy Munro
(Arthur Spencer)

LANCASTER J-Johnny – JB227
22/23 November 1943, lost without trace, crew commemorated on Runnymede Memorial

Pilot: F/L James Francis., known as Jimmy, Munro, RCAF, J/17499
Flight Engineer: F/Sgt William George Waller, 1434167
Navigator: F/L Arthur James Wyndham, known as Jimmie, Silk, 145423
Bomb Aimer: F/L Frank Peter Burbridge, 126016
W/Op: F/Sgt James Noel Underwood, 1267926
M/U Gunner: F/Sgt Ronald Sydney Bennett, 1322262
Rear Gunner: W/O Wellington, known as Weasel, Hill, RCAF, R/87742

LOVE, FELLOWSHIP, AND LOSS: RAF Bomber Command Aircrew, Their Families, and Their Friends