Crew: Munro

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Jimmy Munro

LANCASTER J-Johnny – JB227
22/23 November 1943, lost without trace, crew commemorated on Runnymede Memorial

Pilot: F/L James Francis., known as Jimmy, Munro, RCAF, J/17499
Flight Engineer: F/Sgt William George Waller, 1434167
Navigator: F/L Arthur James Wyndham, known as Jimmie, Silk, 145423
Bomb Aimer: F/L Frank Peter Burbridge, 126016
W/Op: F/Sgt James Noel Underwood, 1267926
M/U Gunner: F/Sgt Ronald Sydney Bennett, 1322262
Rear Gunner: W/O Wellington, known as Weasel, Hill, RCAF, R/87742


Jimmy Silk, the navigator at the time of the loss of the crew. Courtesy of Hilliary Simpson, Jimmy Silk’s daughter.



Munro’s previous navigator was Arthur Spencer, seen below with Jimmy Munro. There is a substantial amount of information on this crew, due to Arthur Spencer’s account of his time with them, together with further information on RAF Station Bourn and the Pathfinders.

jimmy munro
Jimmy Munro and Arthur Spencer. Courtesy of Arthur Spencer.