Crew: Pelletier

CAPTAIN: PELLETIER, no image currently available.


This crew flew on BLACK THURSDAY in Lancaster JA960-OF-E, E-EASY. The second pilot, Leslie Henson, went on to have a distinguished career in the RAF, as did Jeff Pelletier.

Pelletier  survived the war and returned to Australia; he lived to a grand old age and died in Melbourne on 28 September 2013, aged 92.

Pilot: F/L JW Pelletier
2nd Pilot: FO L Henson
Flight Engineer: F/S GE Dunning
Navigator: F/O RJ Conley
Bomb Aimer: F/L PM Lowick
W/Op: F/S AWA Burnell
Mid-Upper Gunner: F/S FR Watson
Rear Gunner: F/O G Polson

The second pilot, Leslie Henson
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Below, Henson’s logbook which shows that Black Thursday was his first operation after arriving at 97 Squadron. The logbook was water-damaged during a house flood many years later.

The entry for 21 December which reads ‘N.F.T.’ stands for Night-flying Test; after the disasters of Black Thursday, aircrew training was intensified.


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