Crew: Pelletier

Jeff Pelletier. From a photograph of a group of pilots training (possibly in South Africa), including Wilfred Riches who later flew with Jeff at 97 Squadron. Courtesy of Audrey Riches

This crew flew on BLACK THURSDAY in Lancaster JA960-OF-E, E-EASY. The second pilot, Leslie Henson, went on to have a distinguished career in the RAF, as did Jeff Pelletier.

Pelletier  survived the war and returned to Australia; he lived to a grand old age and died in Melbourne on 28 September 2013, aged 92.

Wilfrid Riches with other pilots including Pelletier
The pilots’ training group. Jeff Pelletier: back row, far left; Cyril Riches: front row, second from right. Probably taken late in 1942.

Pilot: F/L JW Pelletier
2nd Pilot: FO L Henson
Flight Engineer: F/S GE Dunning
Navigator: F/O RJ Conley
Bomb Aimer: F/L PM Lowick
W/Op: F/S AWA Burnell
Mid-Upper Gunner: F/S FR Watson
Rear Gunner: F/O G Polson


Pelletier - Birmingham - May 1945 - Mandy Lyell
Jeff Pelletier: centre. Courtesy of Mandy Lyell.

The above photograph was labelled Birmingham – May 1945.  Mandy Lyell wrote in March 2017: ‘My grandfather is in the middle.  Apparently after he finished with 97 Squadron, he become a Lancaster test pilot under Alex Henshaw at Castle Bromwich, and I assume this is where this photo was taken.’