Crew Brown (Kenneth)

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Pilot:  F/L Kenneth Brown, 146430
Killed, buried at Heverlee War Cemetery
Flight Engineer: P/O Richard Munro Hogg, 158281, 32 years old
Killed, buried at Heverlee War Cemetery
Navigator: P/O Felix Norman Alexander, 146301, 29 years old
Killed, buried at Heverlee War Cemetery
Bomb Aimer: F/O Leonard Sidney Webb, 124760
Killed, buried at Heverlee War Cemetery
W/Op: F/Sgt James Curry, 1021538
Killed, buried at Heverlee War Cemetery
Mid-Upper Gunner: F/Sgt John Timothy Sullivan, 1395407, 20 years old
Killed, buried at Heverlee War Cemetery
Rear gunner: W/O William Thomas Saunders, 1585455, 20 years old
Killed, buried at Heverlee War Cemetery
Brown, Kenneth, Leonard Webb
Leonard Webb

From the ORB
4.10.43        22 aircraft were detailed for operations, 16 to attack Frankfurt and 6 to attack Ludwigshaven.  Both attacks were successfully carried out.  Three aircraft made early returns, all reporting engine trouble.  One aircraft failed to return – Captain F/L Brown.
4/5 October 1943 – Frankfurt
JA923H  F/L K.Brown, F/Sgt M.Hogg, P/O F.N.Alexander, F/O L.S.Webb, F/Sgt J.Curry, F/Sgt J.T.Sullivan, W/O W.Saunders.  Up 1830.  2 x TI, 8 flares, 1 x 4000lb, 2 x 1000lb.  Aircraft and crew missing


Extract from Bomber Command Losses – 4/5.10.43
Lancaster III  JA923  OF – H.  Op Frankfurt.  T/O 1830 Bourn.  It is believed the Lancaster came down at Dauborn, 10km SE of Limburg, Germany and that the crew were buried at Dauborn.  However, their graves are now located at Heverlee War Cemetery in Belgium.  Details of the awards made to F/L Brown and P/O Alexander were gazetted on 9 July 1943, but those for F/S Hogg and F/S Sullivan were not published until 10 April 1945.  F/S Hogg had previously flown with 196 Squadron.
F/L K.Brown DFM(+), F/S R.M.Hogg DFM(+), P/O F.N.Alexander DFM(+), F/O L.S.Webb DFC(+), F/S J.Curry(+), F/S J.T.Sullivan DFM(+), W/O W.T.Saunders(+).


Details of some of the Brown crew’s previous ops

Aiming Point Raid Cards

12/13 March 1943 Essen – Bomb load 1 x 4000lb 12 SBC
ED425E  Sgts K.Brown, H.Hogg, F.H.Alexander, D.Meade, J.Curry, J.T.Sullivan, L.C.Boyton.  Up 1911 Down 2046.  Mission abandoned over aerodrome.  Starboard engine u/s.  Bombs jettisoned.

4/5 April 1943 Kiel – Bomb load 1 x 4000lb 12 SBC
ED583H  Sgts K.Brown, H.Hogg, F.H.Alexander, T.J.Roche, J.Curry, F/Sgt Broomfield, Sgt L.C.Boyton.  Up 2103  Down 0232.  Target Kiel bombed.  20,000′.  10/10ths cloud.  Bombed on one red TI marker.  Red glow seen through cloud.  12 miles north of Heligoland one Lancaster fired a short burst at us.  Disappointing trip.

10/11 April 1943 Frankfurt – Bomb load 1 x 4000lb 12 SBC
ED588H  Sgts K.Brown, Stephenson, F.H.Alexander, T.J.Roche, J.Curry, J.T.Sullivan, L.C.Boyton.  Up 0023  Down 0206.  Mission abandoned owing to engine trouble.  Bombs jettisoned.

3/4 April 1943 Essen – Bomb load 1 x 4000lb 12 SBC
ED538H  Sgts K.Brown, H.Hogg, F.H.Alexander, T.Roche, J.Curry, J.Freedman, L.C.Boyton.  Up 1914  Down 2345.  Primary objective Essen bombed.  Clear, slight cloud at 21,000′.  Bombed centre of concentration of red TI markers which were in sights.  Other bomb bursts seen, many fires observed which were visible from Dutch coast.

13/14 April 1943 Spezia – Bomb load 4 x 1000lb 5 SBC
ED588H  Sgts K.Brown, V.Baker (2nd Pilot), H.Hogg (F/E), F.H.Alexander, Lt D.S.Watt, Sgts J.Curry, J.T.Sullivan, L.C.Boyton.  4 x 1000lb 7 SBC.  Up 2043  Down 0708.  Spezia target attacked.  No cloud but much smoke – 8,000′.  Aiming point in sights – bombed two large ships with HEs.  One ship at least probably hit.  Scattered fires observed in town area.  Best fires were in docks west of target.


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