Crew: Thackway

Ted Thackway, the pilot
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17 December 1943, crashed half a mile from Bourn airfield, destroyed by fire


Pilot: F/O Edward Thackway, “Ted”
Killed, buried in Killinghall (St Thomas) Churchyard
Flight Engineer: Sgt George Grundy
Killed, buried in Bradford (Undercliffe) Cemetery
Navigator: Sgt Jack Powell
Killed, buried in Wakefield Cemetery
Bomb Aimer: P/O Leslie Kenneth Alexander Grant, “Sandy”, RCAF
Killed, buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
W/Op: Sgt Peter Hughes Mack, “Joe”
Severely injured
M/U Gunner: Sgt Robert Anthony Lawrence, “Tony”
Killed, buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
Rear Gunner: Sgt Leslie Norman John Laver, “Les”
Uninjured; shot down and killed 14-Jan-44 over Texel, buried in Texel (Den Burg) Cemetery

Jack Powell, the navigator
(Judith Allott)
George Grundy, the flight engineer
(attribute tbc)
About Sandy Grant
Sandy Grant, the bomb aimer
(Canadian National Archives)
About Tony Lawrence
Tony Lawrence, the Mid-Upper Gunner
(John Burroughes)
About Joe Mack
Joe Mack, the W/op
(Mack family archives)
Leslie Laver, the Rear Gunner
(Jessie Course)

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