Crew: Thackway

Ted Thackway, 1943

LANCASTER: K-KING, JB176 – 17 December 1943, crashed half a mile from Bourn airfield, destroyed by fire.


Pilot: F/O Edward Thackway, “Ted”
Killed, buried in Killinghall (St Thomas) Churchyard
Flight Engineer: Sgt George Grundy
Killed, buried in Bradford (Undercliffe) Cemetery
Navigator: Sgt Jack Powell
Killed, buried in Wakefield Cemetery
Bomb Aimer: P/O Leslie Kenneth Alexander Grant, “Sandy”, RCAF
Killed, buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
W/Op: Sgt Peter Hughes Mack, “Joe”
Severely injured
M/U Gunner: Sgt Robert Anthony Lawrence, “Tony”
Killed, buried in Cambridge City Cemetery
Rear Gunner: Sgt Leslie Norman John Laver, “Les”
Uninjured; he was later shot down and killed on 14-Jan-44 over Texel, and is buried in Den Burg Cemetery on the island. 

THE CREW  – top row (L-R): Leslie Laver (Jessie Course), Tony  Lawrence (John Burroughes), Sandy Grant (Canadian National Archives), Peter Hughes Mack (Mack family archives); bottom row: Jack Powell (Judith Allott), George Grundy (Grundy family archives).



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