97 Squadron at Woodhall Spa

Woodhall Spa was a satellite station of Coningsby. The Officers’ Mess was the Petwood Hotel, a large Tudor-style building of some comfort and style which had been requisitioned for the duration of the war.

The Petwood Hotel.
Bourn’s equivalent was a prefab, and not considered a good swap.
(F/L L G Hind archive)
F/L Walter Bonar Kirkwood-Hackett, known as Ben,
outside the hotel, probably 1942.
(attribute tbc)

It was from Woodhall Spa that 97 Squadron flew on the famous Augsburg Raid, which was described at the time as “the most daring raid of the war”. Ernest Alfred Deverill, who was killed on Black Thursday, was one of the stars of this raid. See the Deverill page for more about Deverill.

Ernest Alfred Deverill
From a group photograph taken after the Augsburg raid
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