Aircrew Index and Crew List
The Smith crew outside a nissan hut at Bourn
See Black Thursday, Crew: Smith.
With thanks to Joe Arthurson

Material included in Black Thursday and 97 Squadron menus:

  • Black Thursday – this section covers December 16/17 1943, the worst night of the war for 97 Squadron, when fog in England caused multiple aircraft and aircrew losses .  The 21 crews from the Squadron which flew on this particular night are listed here. Other PFF squadrons were also gravely affected, in particular 405 Squadron.
  • 97 Sqd Aircrew and Ground staff – this section centres on 97 Squadron’s year with the Pathfinders, which ran from March 1943 to April 1944.  Firstly, the Commanding Officers and the Adjutant are covered, and then there is a list of aircrew, these being crews which were either shot down before 16 December, were not flying on Black Thursday because they were on leave, or who joined the Squadron after 17 December. It also includes the survivors who got through their tour unscathed.
  • 97 Squadron: History and Bases – this section gives information about the formation of the Squadron and the airfields at which it was based, together with details of its time in the Pathfinders.


  • Bomber Command.
  • Campaigns. This section forms the back drop to the information about the crews.
  • Funerals and Memorials. This relates mainly to 97 Squadron and 405 Squadron.