Sourcing the Archive

penny crew

This Archive would not have developed so far without the continued help, support and encouragement of people who still care strongly about the wartime RAF. The Archive relies on you for further pictures and information on the Pathfinders, their ground crew, their friends and their families. Anything however small is of interest.

We are also interested in the wider war context because the Path Finder Force is best understood when seen in its proper setting. Our tagline has always been:

Pathfinder Aircrew, their Friends, their Families, and the World they Knew

Historically, the Archive was centred around 97 Squadron, which belonged to the Pathfinders for one year, from April 1943 to April 1944, and 97 Squadron material is by far the Archive’s richest resource. However, in the last three years we have substantially increased our holdings on all the PFF ‘heavy’ squadrons, the PFF Mosquito squadrons, and PFF HQ. We are also gradually widening our scope to include more of the background to the Pathfinders – Bomber Command, the RAF, the Home Front, and the war beyond Bomber Command’s airfields.

We have an informal, friendly, and enthusiastic approach, and a never-ending curiosity about what life was like in Bomber Command and the Pathfinders, and what the friends and families of the crews experienced. Please contact us with whatever you would like to share, using the form on the CONTACT page to send the initial email.

Frank McEgan and his crew