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Where a new page or new material is concerned, the acknowledgements will be found on that particular page. The older list of acknowledgements given here reflects the early contributors to the database of material about 97 Squadron.

Besides the people who helped with the crews listed below, our most grateful thanks were due to Des Evans, who used to run the 97 Squadron Association website, and to Kevin Bending, who wrote a history of 97 squadron, Achieve Your Aim.

In addition, David Layne has been a very long-term supporter, ferreting out all sorts of interesting information, much of which can be seen on this website.


Billing Crew: Doug Curtis (crew member)

Cawdery Crew: Arthur Tindall (crew member)

Coates Crew: Jack Coates (brother), David Chapman (nephew)

De Wesselow Crew: Rosalind de Wesselow (wife), Fred White and Bill Bamlett (crew members)

Fletcher Crew: David Layne (son), James White (crew member)

Kirkwood Crew: James Kirkwood (son), John and Lynda Dempsey (niece of George Wigsley), Kenneth Bowe (researcher), Stanley Houlding (brother-in-law of Ted Hubbard)

Mackenzie Crew: Henry Pedersen (author of Skidthøgen -Beretningen om tre engelske flyvere, der meldte sig til R.A.F), William Colson pictures from PFF Museum, RAF Wyton, and from Wyn Harrison (William Colson relative)

McEgan Crew: Julian Rice (nephew of McEgan)

Roberts Crew: John Potts (nephew of Bill Parsley), Peter Marsh for Peter Marsh (uncle) and Frank Roberts, the pilot

Thackway Crew: John Thackway (brother), Edna Thackway (girlfriend), Wally Laver (brother), Jessie Course (sister of Leslie Laver), Gary Harman (Jack Powell relative), Judith Allott (Jack Powell relative), Leon Mathews (son of Sidney Mathews)

Wilson Crew: Christine Robinson (daughter of Wilson); George Rennie (nephew of George Borthwick).