Alistair McKenzie Wood & 105 Squadron, RAF Bourn

Alistair McKenzie Wood was a PFF navigator who had first completed a somewhat dramatic tour on Halifaxes with 76 Squadron (April 1943 to October 1943)  before retraining for Mosquitoes in September 1944. He joined 105 Squadron at RAF Bourn on 22 October 1944. The photo above shows him (on the left) with his long-term Mosquito pilot, Flying Officer Hicklin. This photograph was almost certainly taken at Bourn, and in the background can be seen a Nissen hut and possibly a water tower.

There is a wealth of material about Alistair’s two tours, some of which we will be publishing over the next few weeks. With many thanks for the very interesting story of Alistair’s two tours to Dr Brian Knights and Mrs Muriel Knights, Alistair’s sister.

105 Squadron, Bourn, Cambs 1945- 4th row viewer's left hand end - Copy

Above: End of war 105 Squadron photograph, possibly taken behind Bourn Grange. Alistair is at the left-hand end of the second row down. 

Below: 105 Squadron’s badge, pasted into Alistair’s logbook.

105 squadron badge