97 Squadron Aircrew Flying on Black Thursday: Outcome

21 Lancasters flew from RAF Station Bourn at around 5 o’clock on the evening of 16 December 1943. This is what happened to the crews.

Lost on the Berlin Operation

Brill crew – lost over Berlin

Crashed on Return to England

Deverill crew – crashed on Graveley airfield

Kirkwood crew – crashed near Gransden Lodge

Mackenzie crew – crashed on the edge of Bourn airfield

Scott crew – crashed near Graveley

Thackway crew – crashed a mile from Bourn

Bravery Award to Sidney Mathews for Rescue of Thackway Crew members


Baled out

Mooney crew

Smith crew


Immediate Decoration

Coates crew


Also Flying

Billing crew

Cawdery crew

De Wesselow crew

Flack crew

Mansbridge crew

Nicholls crew

Owen crew

Pelletier crew

Riches crew

Roberts crew

Snell crew

Wilson crew