End of War Celebratory Squadron Photographs

At the end of the war, many Pathfinder squadrons had photographs taken of their aircrew, occasionally including some of the ground crew as well. There are a number of these celebratory photographs on this site under different subject headings, but here in celebration of VE Day tomorrow are three of them grouped together.

Lancaster Squadron – 582 Squadron

This is one of the best, possibly the best, end of war photographs which we have. Unfortunately, we have no key to the names, but so far we know three of the men in the photograph, a detail from which is below.

Back row, far left and fifth from left, : Bill Blackburn (not 100% confirmed) and Donald Barker, see: Donald Schofield Barker, 582 Squadron

Second row: far right, Bill Lapthorn. Given the propensity for crews to stand together in these photographs, it is possible that the man to the left of him is Flying Officer Coombes, which would seem a more likely identification than in this page about the pair of them: POWs brought back from Lubeck, near Kiel, 9 May 1945

582Sqdn PFF end of war detail

For the full photograph:582 Squadron, May 1945

Mosquito Squadrons – 105 and 109 Squadrons

109 Squadron cropped

Mosquito Squadrons & Oboe

105 Squadron, Bourn, Cambs 1945- 4th row viewer's left hand end - Copy

Alistair McKenzie Wood & 105 Squadron, RAF Bourn