97 Squadron has a fine memorial window at Coningsby in the station church, the Church of the Holy Spirit, built in 1989.

97 sqd mem window

The church also contains windows for 17, 29, and 56 Squadrons, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, together with a window to the Commonwealth Occupation Forces in Japan.



405 Squadron, based at Gransden Lodge, which had a large Canadian contingent, has a fine memorial at Great Gransden Church.




Clifford Chatten’s lovely memorial window was commissioned by his family, but is dedicated to all British and Allied Aircrew during the war because Chatten, who had an illustrious flying career, was fortunate enough to survive the war. See Crew: Chatten

Chatten memorial window


Bomber Command Memorial, London

This memorial has its own official site: Royal Benevolent Fund Memorial Site

bomber command memorial
The Memorial (Lime Green photograph)

There is a short but interesting account of some of the problems involved in the creation of the memorial and how they were solved, written by Lime Green, one of the key firms in the construction: Lime Green Bomber Command Memorial


Runnymede – For the Missing

runnymede 2.png

The central memorial in Britain for all missing Allied aircrew who do not have known graves is built on a beautiful site, overlooking the River Thames, on Cooper’s Hill at Englefield Green between Windsor and Egham. For further details see the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site: CWGC Site