NTU Mosquito Struck by Lightning

There is a very striking display at the Pathfinder Collection at RAF Wyton – the remains of a Mosquito which crashed on New Year’s Eve 1944.

Mosquito IV DZ589, from the Pathfinder Navigational Training Unit,  took off from Warboys at 12:57 on a daylight training sortie. It was struck by lightning at around 12,000 ft. The engine caught fire and the aircraft crashed at Benwick.  The crew were unable to put the fire out, nor feather the engine.

NTU - mosquito hit by lightning, highlight

The crew bailed out safely, they were:

Pilot – Flying Officer H Harcourt-Smith 

Navigator – Flying Officer P Germaine

Both were Canadians.  

With many thanks to John Clifford for the information.