Norman McIntyre’s Photo Album

Norman McIntyre of the Brill crew, who was killed on 16 December 1943 over Berlin, kept a small photograph album which has pictures of the earlier part of his life in the RAAF. It ends abruptly with photographs of the funerals of two of his friends, also Australian, who were both killed in a training accident in Canada in July 1942. For more details, including a photo of Norm with the two friends who were lost, see the PER ARDUA website: RAF Funerals.

Before these sad events, photographs of Norm in Canada show someone who was clearly enjoying his new glamorous life. The picture at the head of the page is of him and some friends with   Barbara Britton the actress, who was very famous in her day. Norm is on her right.

Below, him with a flash car, and one of his friend Harry with two glamour girls who are clearly Norm and Harry’s girlfriends. Norm has written ‘Woo woo!’ next to the photo.

norm in canada with car

norm with harry and girlfriends

With many thanks to John Kuss.