The Pathfinder Collection, RAF Wyton

The Pathfinder Building at Wyton in 2007, one of the many historic buildings on the station

We are delighted to be partnered with the Pathfinder Collection at RAF Wyton, near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, who have on display some of our best material, in particular the Deverill Collection.

Whilst we share digital material, the physical collections are completely separate entities, and to visit RAF Wyton you will need to contact the Pathfinder Collection directly. 

To arrange a visit, see the details at the foot of this page, provided by John Clifford, Senior Curator. Alternatively, the email address for the RAF Wyton Heritage Centre is:

Visit requests should be directed to the Visit Coordinator and research requests should be directed to the Research Manager.



The Collection is dedicated to No. 8 Pathfinder Group of Bomber Command, the RAF’s only officially recognized elite force.

During the Second World War, RAF Station Wyton was the main Pathfinder airfield. It was very close to Huntingdon where Pathfinder Headquarters was situated, and Air Commodore Donald Bennett, the commander of the Pathfinders, had his marital home on the station.

The idea for a Pathfinder museum at RAF Wyton took root in the summer of 1995. A temporary display for Pathfinder Sunday (an annual event each August for the benefit of the Pathfinders and their families) generated overwhelming interest, which led to the creation of the museum.

Subsequently named The Pathfinder Collection, the museum has evolved and grown considerably since those early days when it was set up by Chief Technician Pete Stanley. It has also changed premises several times, perhaps its most memorable early site being the former Roman Catholic Church (later sadly demolished due to structural failure).

The collection is now housed in the RAF Wyton Heritage and Conference Centre, which contains all the various heritage collections as well as a station history timeline.

The Pathfinder Collection has always been staffed by highly dedicated volunteers, who have a real passion for the heritage which they are preserving.

RAF Wyton is still very much a working station, and the Pathfinder Collection has grown with the support of successive Station Commanders. Because the Collection is on a military base, admission to visit it is by appointment only. Whilst this process may seem somewhat daunting to the uninitiated, all visitors are assured of the friendliest of welcomes by curators who know their subject inside out.


Pathfinder Collection - PFF eagle

The Pathfinder Collection: Wyton Heritage and Conference Centre, Royal Air Force Wyton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 2EA



To arrange a visit to the RAF Wyton Heritage Centre please complete the online Visit Request Form.


For your info, the centre comprises 3 historical collections:


  1. The RAF Wyton History Timeline. This covers the history of RAF Wyton from its beginnings as a Royal Flying Corps station in 1916 to its present use as the HQ Joint Forces Intelligence Group.


  1. The Photo Reconnaissance Collection. This collection was previously the JARIC History Collection formerly housed at RAF Brampton and recently expanded to cover all aspect of photo reconnaissance/imagery intelligence.


  1. The Path Finder Collection. This is the most comprehensive collection of RAF Path Finder Force memorabilia which was started in 1996 and has grown considerably over the years.


In order to do this full justice you should allow at least an hour for each collection.


The RAF Wyton Heritage Centre is run by a small group volunteers so any visits are dependent on their availability. Our preference is for group visits of between 6 & 30 people, but we try to be flexible. Individual visitors may be asked to join other group visits to make best use of our time.

For groups of 10 or more visiting on weekdays there is an option for a buffet lunch in the Heritage Centre, please ask for details.


The Heritage Centre is inside the Wyton base, which operates at a high security level. Access to the unit is at the discretion of the station commander and is dependent on security checks. Visits may be cancelled without notice for service reasons.

All visitors must bring some form of photo identification. Visitors may be subject to searches and will be escorted at all times. Photography is strictly prohibited except inside the Heritage Centre building.

We require 14 working days notice of any non-UK nationals wishing to visit and they must provide their date and place of birth, passport number and expiry date.