PFF – Staff list as given in Bennett’s Memoirs, ‘Pathfinder’

PFF HQ, with Bennett (centre)


The staff at HQ were top-quality, and most of them had flown multiple operations. They were expected to keep up to date with the constantly changing air war and to fly the occasional operation, which inevitably ended in some casualties.  

The list in Bennett’s book is for the staff in December 1944. The links are to those who have their own page on this website. 


Air Commodore D. C. T. Bennett, D.S.O. (later Vice-Marshal, C.B., C.B.E., D.S.O.), appointed 13. 1.43
(H.Q.B.0 Staff Officer commanding the Path Finder Force, appointed 15. 7.42)

Gp.-Capt. C. D. C. Boyce (later Air Commodore,C.B.E.), appointed 18. 2.43

Air Staff
Wg.-Cdr. R. Hilton, D.F.C. (Ops. Rm.), appointed 28.1.43
Wg.-Cdr. J. A. Slater, D.F.C., appointed 25.1.43
Wg.-Cdr. T. G. Mahaddie, D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C., appointed 20. 3.43
Wg.-Cdr. G. H. Womersley, D.S.O., D.F.C., appointed 27. 4.43
Sqn.-Ldr. R. 0. Altmann, D.F.C., appointed 25.1.43
Sqn.-Ldr. D. T. Witt, D.F.C. (Trg.), appointed 25.1.43
Sqn.-Ldr. Ashworth
Sqn.-Ldr. E. W. Anderson (Flyg. S.N.), appointed 25.1.43
Sqn.-Ldr. G. F. Georgeson, D.F.C. (Nav.), appointed 25.1.43
Sqn.-Ldr. J. Collier, D.F.C. (Flyg. Con.)
Sqn.-Ldr. A. F. Chisholm, D.F.C. (Air Bomb.), appointed 10.3.43
Sqn.-Ldr. J. E. Partridge, D.S.O., D.F.C. (Instr.), appointed 14.3.43
Sqn.-Ldr. D. F. Allen, G.M., B.E.M. (Instr.), appointed 20. 2.44
Wg.-Cdr. G. F. Grant, D.S.O., D.F.C., appointed 2.11.43
Sqn.-Ldr. Cresswell
Sqn.-Ldr. H. G. Travers, D.S.C., appointed 7.9.43
Sqn.-Ldr. A. P. Cranswick, D.S.O., D.F.C., appointed 20.10.43
Sqn.-Ldr. C. A. J. Smith, D.F.C., appointed 20.10.43
Wg.-Cdr. G. M. Dunnicliffe, DFC, appointed 10. 2.44
Wg.-Cdr. F. W. Deacon, D.S.O., D.F.C., appointed 8. 3.44
Sqn.-Ldr. C. P. C. de Wesselow DFC, appointed 7. 4.44
Wg.-Cdr. J. R. G. Ralston, D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C., appointed 10.8.44
Wg.-Cdr. K. H. Burns, DSO, DSC, appointed 26.10.44
Wg.-Cdr. B. W. McMillan, A.F.C., appointed 10.11.44
Sqn.-Ldr. J. R. Wood, D.F.C., appointed 13. 9.44
Sqn.-Ldr. W. H. Robinson, D.F.C., D.F.M., appointed 18.1.45
Wg.-Cdr. J. D. Bolton, D.F.C., appointed 1. 6.45
Wg.-Cdr. D. A. Cracknell, D.S.O., D.F.C., appointed 24. 5.45
Sqn.-Ldr. H. Almond, appointed 21. 4.45
Sqn.-Ldr. R. C. Walker, appointed 14.11.44
Sqn.-Ldr. L. S. Thorpe, D.F.C., D.F.M.        , appointed 20.10.44
Sqn.-Ldr. J. P. Crump, appointed 7.1.45
Sqn.-Ldr. E. J. Greenleaf, D.S.O., D.F.C., appointed 23. 7.45

Group Navigation Officers
Sqn.-Ldr. R. C. Alabaster, D.F.C., appointed 25.1.43
Wg.-Cdr. K. J. Lawson, D.F.C., appointed 7. 6.43
Wg.-Cdr. A. G. S. Cousens, D.S.O., D.F.0, appointed 23. 8.43
Wg.-Cdr. E. H. Bagnold, D.F.C.        , appointed 20.3.44
Sqn.-Ldr. L. R. Hastings, D.F.C., appointed 26.8.43

Group Met. Officer
M. J. Thomas, B.Sc.

Group Intelligence Officer
Sqn.-Ldr. W. J. R. Shepherd (later Wg.-Cdr., O.B.E.), appointed 25.1.43

Group Engineer Officer
Wg.-Cdr. C. F. Sarsby, appointed 1.2.43

Group Armament Officer
Sqn.-Ldr. W. Rathbone, appointed 10.2.43

Group Signals Officers
Wg.-Cdr. G. W. Adams , appointed 7.5.43
Wg.-Cdr. E. L. T. Barton, appointed 20.12.43
Sqn.-Ldr. N. I. B. Harrison , appointed 16.6.43

Group Photography Officer
Sqn.-Ldr. H. W. Lees , appointed 1.7.43

Wg.-Cdr. A. W. G. Martin, appointed 28.1.43
Wg.-Cdr. W. E. Carr, appointed 6.43
Gp.-Capt. F. R. D. Swain, O.B.E., A.F.C. , appointed 11.10.43
Gp.-Capt. H. McC. White, appointed 15.5.44

Sqn.-Ldr. F. B. Taylor, appointed 28.1.43
Sqn.-Ldr. P. L. Burley, appointed 21.11.43
Sqn.-Ldr. R. M. Snow, appointed 18.11.44

Sqn.-Ldr. L. E. Barry, appointed 1.2.43
Sqn.-Ldr. F. Vernon , appointed 18.9.44

Group Equipment Officer
Sqn.-Ldr. J. C. Rose (later Wg.-Cdr., M.B.E.), appointed 27.7.43

Group Medical Officer Sqn.Ldr. J.C.MacGown, M.D., Ch.B.