WWII Missing Research, War Graves, & Remembrance

Heverlee Cemetery. Attribute tbc.

When the website for the Archive was set up, there was some debate as to whether to also include on it Jennie Mack Gray’s huge archive on RAF missing research, but in the end it was decided it was best kept separately. This separate but linked website is entitled AFTERMATH: Missing Research, War Graves & Remembrance.

The size of the problem which the RAF faced at the end of the Second World War was almost unbelievably huge: 41,881 aircrew were missing world-wide. Of these, the vast majority were from Bomber Command, lost during operations in Europe.

The cases of all the crews on this Pathfinder website who were lost in Europe would have been dealt with by the Air Ministry Casualty Branch and its dedicated units in the Missing Research and Enquiry Service (the MRES), and by the Army Graves Service which handled registrations, burials, and exhumations. Full details of how these organisations worked together are given on the AFTERMATH website.