Two Requests for Information

If you have any information, please CONTACT us.

21 November 2017 – From George Herman

I am looking for information about my uncle Jurik Herman, who was a Mosquito navigator in the Pathfinders. He was Polish.

He stayed in the RAF after the war and retired in the mid-1950s. Unfortunately all the family material relating to my uncle was lost.

I would be grateful even for just the number of the squadron which he served in.


21 November 2017 – From Abi Dennington-Price

Does anyone know who the man in these photos is…are they two different people!

We’ve included a copy of the reverse of each photo: the back with the number written on it is the reverse of the formal RAF photo; the back with the hand-written note on it is the reverse of the photo of the man squatting beside the lorry.

We are looking to find out his (their?) name, and some general background information (e.g. which squadron/airbase he served with/was based on; where he hailed from).

We think we have been able to identify some facts about the man in the RAF Uniform with the Pathfinder badge.  We think he was:

  • in a Pathfinder Squadron
  • a Flight Sergeant
  • an Air Gunner
  • around 25 when the photo was taken in around 1944-45
  • we think he hailed from somewhere in Lincolnshire
  • we think the man squatting beside the lorry is left-handed
  • his name might be Fred Fish or Fred Smith (but the name ‘Boydie’ is on the back of the photo of the man squatting beside the lorry)
  • we believe this young man had a brief liaison in the spring/summer of 1945 with a young lady called Ruby Marsh (who had a sister called Pamela) who both lived in Kirtling Green (sometimes called just ‘Kirtling’) which is on the outskirts of Newmarket. Ruby is the young lady in this photo.
  • Ruby May Marsh