Training the Mosquito Crews

Mosquito crews were trained at 1655 MTU (Mosquito Training Unit), which was at Warboys in 1944. Alistair Wood‘s logbook shows the range of exercises which were undertaken. Here, and in the NTU (National Training Unit) records, many mentions are made of  bombing practice at Whittlesey East Range, or just Whittlesey East or Whittlesey Range. This seems to have been near the town of Whittlesey, six miles east of Peterborough, approximately 13 miles as the crow (or the Mosquito) flies from Warboys.

The first page of the course shows Alistair flying with several different pilots, but he quickly teamed up with Flying Officer Hicklin, with whom he would fly for all his Mosquito tour with the Pathfinders.

FIRST PAGE OF COURSE No. 31. Alistair Wood

MTU - Mosquito training unit


mosquito training unit 4

With thanks to Brian and Muriel Knights.