Valentine Card

The following story relates to a member of 15 Squadron, which was a Main Force squadron and not in the Pathfinders.

Valentine Card Lancaster (2)

David Layne wrote to Jennie Gray in February 2009:

“I bought this on Ebay about 10 months ago for £1.00 and have been saving it ever since.  It’s a lovely ink drawing measuring 4.5” by 3.5.”  The border around the picture consist of tiny flowers each individually drawn.

One cannot help but wonder what became of R. Crowe.  Was his love returned?  Did he survive the war?  Questions I would suggest that will never be answered.”

It is perhaps inevitable that the outcome of further research uncovered a tragedy. It transpired that R Crowe had been killed, aged only 20 years old, on 25 July 1944, and these are the details recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.


Crowe, Robert Frederick
Cemetery: St. Desir War Cemetery
Country: France
Area: Calvados
Rank: Sergeant (Air Gnr.)
Official Number: 1824369
Unit: 15 Sqdn.
Force: Royal Air Force
Nationality: British

25th July 1944. Age 20. Son of Magnus McKay Crowe and of Mary Forbes Crowe (nee Huband) of Dundee. Coll. grave VIII. C. 1-8.


There the trail appeared to end. However, David Layne, not one to let these matters rest, carried on researching, and eventually sent another email message in July 2011:

“You will perhaps recall that a couple of years ago I sent you a valentine drawn by Robert Crowe of 15 Squadron.  I am pleased to tell you that I have managed to track down Robert’s niece who lives in Canada and made her a gift of the valentine.  She in return sent me a photograph of Robert that I attach.”

Valentine card, Robert F Crowe