Ken Newman’s 100th Birthday

It seems that there may have been a mix-up about the exact date of Ken’s birthday. One source (family) said 21 January, another 13 January. We are checking but in the meantime please send your goodwill messages in as soon as possible and don’t leave them until the 15th which was the original cut-off date!

100th Birthday for a Gunner, 97 Sqd

Ken Newman (second from right) who flew with the Steven crew but who missed their fatal flight on 14 January 1944 due to a bad skin complaint, will be 100 years old on 21 January. If anyone would like to send a message to Ken, please send us an email via our usual email address ( or a message via our FB site. He doesn’t do computers, so what is sent will be printed out for him.

Ken has always felt deeply grieved by the loss of the Steven crew and of Leslie Laver who took his place on that last night.

Please make sure that we receive any messages for Ken by 15 January at the latest.

Der Feind, The Fiend

On our new site we have published a post on a public information poster from Berlin 1940, which was a forewarning of the later demonisation of the RAF bomber crews as terrorflieger, ‘the terror fliers’. This was used as justification for violence against them if they were shot down. See: Der Feind, The Fiend

The annual lighting of candles on the 167 graves at the War Cemetery at Den Burg, Texel, took place yesterday evening, Christmas Eve.This is a very simple but extremely moving and quietly spectacular ceremony, and for the last three years we have published photographs of it. See our new website: Den Burg, Texel, Xmas Eve

Christmas Greetings

From all the team at the RAF Pathfinders Archive:

Happy Christmas to everyone who has supported us over the years, and may next year, 2021, see life restored to something like normality after the immense problems and sorrows caused by the Corona virus. To see the menu at RAF Station Graveley on December 1944, visit our new website: Christmas at Graveley Last Year of the War

Victoria Cross: 23 December 1944

On 16 December 1944, German Panzers spearheaded a surprise attack in the Ardennes that smashed through thinly held Allied lines, catching the Allied commanders completely off-guard. The Allied fight-back included this extraordinary feat of heroism which won Bob Palmer one of the three VCs awarded to Pathfinders: Victoria Cross, 23 December 1944: “Heroic Endeavour” The story is told by Sean Feast.