Former Websites, Copyright and Permissions

Former Websites

The genesis of this website was the 97 Squadron website, the Black Thursday (16/17 December 1943) website, and the Pathfinders website, all of which were the work of Dr Jennie Mack Gray.

97 Squadron ( was the original website, which began in 2001. It was later joined by the website on Black Thursday ( and the website on the Pathfinders ( These websites are no longer online.

All the material on these websites has been retained, and modified versions of most of their pages appear on the RAF PATHFINDERS ARCHIVE website.

Copyright is retained from the three websites, and for permission to use it, or any new information on this website, see COPYRIGHT AND PERMISSIONS.

Copyright & Permissions

Permissions: It has taken many years to collect this material. If you wish to use any of the images or information on this site, please be courteous and contact us to ask for permission. This would never be refused except in the most exceptional circumstances; 9 times out of 10 all we ask for is an acknowledgement and a link to this website.

Copyright for images and text on this site: Dr Jennie Mack Gray/The Trustees of the RAF Pathfinders Archive.